Booking Policy

  • Reservations for the next summer are always on the Tuesday after Labor Day at 8:00 am.
  • Reservations are not accepted by E-mail or fax.
  • You must settle your account in full before check-out. We do NOT accept credit cards.
  • Groups are eligible to book the upcoming year before check-out using the Early Registration form.
  • A deposit is required within 30 days of your reservation.

Check-In Procedure

Groups may check in or out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday during the summer. There is a minimum of a two night stay. Chapel staff will meet with your group upon arrival for instructions.

Time of Arrival and Departure

Check-in is 4:00 pm or later. Please do not expect to occupy the building before that time. Please see Chapel staff upon arrival. Check-out is 2:00 pm.

Mechanical Issues

The Chapel strives to insure that all equipment in each dorm is in working order. In the event that you experience any difficulty with your dorm, please let us know promptly. We will make every reasonable effort to have the repairs made as soon as possible. NO REFUND OR REDUCTION in dorm fees will be made for mechanical failure of air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, freezer, or other appliances. Service requests received after 5 PM may not be handled until the following day.

Early Registration

What is early registration?
Early registration is an opportunity for groups who are using our facilities this summer to make their reservation for the summer of 2010 before reservations are open to others.
What week will I be booking for the next summer?
You will book the same corresponding week for the upcoming summer.
What size building will I be able to book in early registration?
You will book the same size building. You may not be in the same exact dorm but you will be in the same size space.
What if I want to change the building size or date?
If you need to change your week or if you need more space for 2010, you will not be able to do early registration. You will need to wait until the normal registration which begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day at 8:00am.
When will be deposit be due?
You will still pay for one-half the minimum number for whatever building size you book. The deposit will be collected in installments. If you do early registration you will pay an initial deposit once you return home. The specific date that the initial deposit is due will be given to you when you do early registration. The rest of your deposit will be due at a later date.
What if I decide to keep the same week but later decide to change building size or date?
You will need to wait until September 28 to make changes to early reservations. Keep in mind our policy about non-refundable deposits.

The goal of the early registration policy is to make reserving space less stressful and reward our returning churches.

Large Group Information

Groups wanting to reserve space for 225 or more must have advance planning with the Chapel staff before booking your reservation. We can accommodate any group size up to 568 people.

Weekend Groups & Sunday Worship (May – Labor Day)

At the very center of all the activities is the Chapel. Many people have given sacrificially through the years to help make the dormitories possible. All groups are required to attend both Sunday school and the morning worship at the Chapel. Failure to do so will cost the group the right to return. Please do not ask to be an exception!